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It has been a busy Spring at Soggy Bottoms! The apiary is growing, and so are the number of swarms this season. It has been an unusually swarmy Spring, and that is good! Swarms happen as a natural instinct in bees to keep their hive healthy and genetics going. Each swarm is like a new baby being born. 

So far, I have caught 3 swarms. One of which landed on a swarm trap my husband and I built.  Word is swarm catching can be addictive, and I don't believe I will dispute this. I'm certain I will run out of space and equipment before I run out of interest in catching them! This is good for other local beekeepers and bees,  as I can pass them on to other beekeepers that want them, and it helps the bees hopefully get through winter a little easier. 

  But what does this have to do with bath and body products? Everything! The more bees I have, the more of my very own beeswax and honey that goes into my butters, balms and soaps! While the quality and purity is certainly there because I'm using locally sourced when I can't use my own, there is an extra dose of love in my own. ?❤️

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