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Beeswax and Honey

 The Virtuous Bee was born into a small family nestled in the beautiful rolling hills in Bloomington, Indiana.  The idea for the business came from Jennifer's  love of bees, and the passion of natural, minimally processed products. She shares the homestead (which they affectionately refer to as Soggy Bottoms) with her husband Luke, her 7 year old son Jett, their hound Coen, and, of course, the bees. Currently there are five hives, run by Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrice (Beezus), Queen Victoria, Queen Anne, and Freddie M. As the apiary grows, so will our options.  We plan to use our own beeswax and honey when we can, otherwise, we enlist the help of local beekeepers. If all goes well, sometime down the road, we may even be able to offer nucs so you can have your own little bee family!

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Jennifer, Luke, Jett, and the rest of the critters at Soggy Bottoms